Moody Berlin weather

Summer sometimes brings rain and overcast days to Berlin. In fact, Berliners love to complain about their city's notoriously fickle weather. But don't let a stormy or gloomy day cast a pall over your trip. The key thing is to use the weather to your advantage. Here's one slightly unusual way to do that.

Berlin's history can be a bit, well, gloomy. From the Third Reich to the Cold War division of the city, Berlin has its share of dark history. There's a sense in which seeing the relics of the Reich or the mute remains of the Wall is simply more evocative in a dull drizzle than under a hot Ibiza-like sun. It helps get you in the right frame of mind.

So while most of us do love nothing more than a warm summer's day, if you end up with rain or storms, just be grateful for the chance to see these places in weather which brings out the spirit of the place. You'll be glad of it later, and anyway, you can always go on that sunny beach holiday next year. So, embrace the weather you get. We'll certainly be out there, rain, snow or shine to help you explore this most fascinating of cities.
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