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We are passionate historians and storytellers
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Come join us on an eye-opening walk around the heart of old imperial Berlin. This walking tour is one of our favourites because we cover a bit of everything, from medieval warlords to the sophistication of Frederick the Great, from the rise of the Nazis to the Berlin Wall. Along the way, we see some of the greatest sites in the city and listen as these places tell us stories that remain relevant today. We're talking stories of immigration, stories of warfare and authoritarianism, stories of high culture and civilization. You'll come away from this tour with a much deeper understanding not only of Berlin but northern Europe.

Duration: 4 hours (10:00 - 14:00)
Meeting point: Alexanderplatz station (S-Bahn/U-Bahn), outside Starbucks under the TV Tower at Panoramastraße 1A (see map below)
Standard fee: €40
Reduced fee: €36 for students, under 18 year old, pensioners, holders of Berlin pass, Welcome, City Tour, ISIC cards
Book and pay online and get €4 off or reserve your place on the tour but pay in cash at the meeting point, at the full fee.
Did you know that Sachsenhausen was the first purpose-built Nazi Concentration camp? As such, it became the "model camp" and was a stage for countless atrocities. Our tour looks not only at WHAT happened, but WHY. We'll discuss the psychology of the perpetrators and examine just who they were and why they believed what they believed. We'll tour the camp to learn about the evolution of the system and what life was like for the prisoners inside.

Duration: 5 hours (10:00 - 15:00)
Meeting point: Fridrichstraße station (S-Bahn/U-Bahn), outside Starbucks at Fridrichstraße 96
Standard fee: €50
Reduced fee: €45 for students, under 18 year old, pensioners, holders of Berlin pass, Welcome, City Tour, ISIC cards
Book and pay online and get €3 off or reserve your place on the tour but pay in cash at the meeting point, at the full fee.
The Third Reich
Join us on this journey into a dark past as we chart the rise and fall of the Hitler's Third Reich through the buildings and the places it left behind. But we also go beyond the buildings and the bare facts and explore HOWs and WHYs. It's this element which sets our Third Reich walking tour apart.

You'll see many of the big sites, including the location of the Reich government quarter and the site of Hitler's infamous bunker. We'll take you to the Air Ministry, the site of Gestapo and SS headquarters and the Reichstag. But we'll also see some hidden away locations that even Berliners don't know about, from the locations of various firefights in the Battle of Berlin to a part of Wehrmacht Headquarters to a Gestapo interrogation centre.

Ask us about booking a private tour (see below). We can explore even more, from the 1920s Communist Party Headquarters to more Battle of Berlin locations to the old Jewish neighbourhood.

Duration: 4 hours (10:00 - 14:00)
Meeting point: Alexanderplatz station (S-Bahn/U-Bahn), outside Starbucks under the TV Tower at Panoramastraße 1A (see map below)
Standard fee: €40
Reduced fee: €36 for students, under 18 year old, pensioners, holders of Berlin pass, Welcome, City Tour, ISIC cards
Book and pay online and get €4 off or reserve your place on the tour but pay in cash at the meeting point, at the full fee.
Have you been living in Berlin for a while but still haven't got to grips with the city's fascinating and turbulent past? Do you want to feel like a local, understanding the cityscape and knowing how to "read" the buildings in front of you? Do you have 2 hours to spare? Problem solved!
In this two hour walk we'll trace the city's past through several major squares and monuments on a tour full of those wonderful "a-ha, now I get it!" moments. You will hear some fascinating stories about Berlin and hit some of the best sites the city has to offer. Our stroll will last about two hours and we'll go on an enjoyable romp through the city's history by exploring its major squares. We'll start with the mighty Alexanderplatz and take in five of the city's great squares. We'll finish at the world famous Brandenburg Gate, the very symbol of Berlin and Germany itself.
Best of all? Berlin will go from a city you're just living in, to a city you feel at home in.

Duration: 2 hours
Meeting point: Outside Starbucks under the TV Tower at Panoramastraße 1A (see map below). You can get there by either S-Bahn orU-Bahn, getting off at Alexanderplatz and going to the base of the TV tower.
Fee: € 20

Specialty tours

We love to take people on private tours which reflect their own interests. We cater for corporate clients, private individuals or small groups. Just get in touch and we'd be happy to help you discover the most fascinating city in Europe!

Duration: minimum 2 hours
Cost: €60 per 1 hour
Our clients love us
Sean is very gifted in his ability to weave lots of historical facts together with stories, places and people. I also appreciated his engaging view of the perspective of past decision-makers. He is very clear in communicating the 'what happened here' over lots of sights, but he excels in clarifying the cause and effects behind the events. 'Making history come alive' is an often used phrase, but it applies to Sean Stewart. Be prepared to walk a lot, but you'll be so glad you did. Plus Sean is a great companion for the 4-hour you'll spend on this tour. I highly recommend!
Mary Ann
Experienced traveler
I took my whole family to Sean's and Ulyana's tour of Historic Berlin. If it wasn't for them, we would have not discover such an important part of world history linked to this city. If you are looking for a different perspective in your experience of Berlin, relive defining moments of world history and discover historic jewels of the usual tourist path, I would highly recommend this tour.
You'd never realize how much history a normal building on the street of Berlin has. The tour is different from others in that Sean really knows these history. You can tell from his guide that he has read a lot about Berlin, German, and European history. Sean tries to give you a background before setting foot on a site, and he always answers your questions with great stroytelling skills. I took the tour called "Snapshot of the German-Soviet War", and Sean took us to sites which are not normally included in other commercial tours but definately worth visiting for understanding the topic.
Sean knows how tell the story in a way it's both interesting and relaxing. No hurry, enough time to ask questions, voice opinions and get to know with other listeners.
JavaScript engineer
I travelled to Berlin with my 19-year old son for the first time and we decided to book a private tour to make sure we visit all the main sites and learn the basic history of the city. Sean was a superb tour guide – friendly, funny and extremely knowledgeable. I liked the way he treated us – not like a teacher with school children, giving facts and names that we would have forgotten the next day. He was telling stories about the places we visited and people connected with these places, engaging us in those stories, creating emotions, provoking thoughts. History will never seem to be boring to me!
Customer Service Manager
Sean is an historian & storyteller who specializes in tours for small groups to ensure that everyone has his attention and expertise. I learned a lot on this tour and his knowledge base is remarkable! He is a wonderful person to consult with in the travel and tourism business having lived in many different countries over the years. Had a great time!
Retired tax advisor
Sean, a Globetrotter originally from Chicago took me and a Georgian southern belle on the "Big tour of royal and imperial Berlin". The humorous historian (ten points here for alliteration) is a walking encyclopedia but with a LOT more zest. Without him I would have missed details like small copper plaques in between stones with names of Jews who lived there and got arrested, I really would have walked right over. And he pointed out splendid see thoughts. You really, really need a guide to make the city come alive, otherwise you think. When we stopped for tea and coffee, we talked politics, compared, asked. Really great!
If you want the best imperial, GDR and Third Reich history tour with a welcoming sense of the sociological setting of each unique era of East Berlin then Sean is the guide for you! His extensive knowledge of why buildings were structured in a certain way and the reasoning for their (buildings) locations is awesome. I recommend all to book this experience!
Security consultant
It was an awesome experience! I got to know the city as if I were a local. Sean is a historian , very knowledgeable and entertaining. He told lots of interesting stories about history and we made lots of off the beaten track stops. Highly recommended during your stay in Berlin! Worth every penny spent. Must do!
Our family enjoyed Sean's walking tour around Berlin. He knows most of the history of Berlin, and he is able to convey them in such an interesting way. Trust me, I have been bored by history subject in classroom, but not with him. Definitely recommend this tour and other following tours with him.
Berlin is a fascinating city but as an American who grew up with a grandmother who grew up during the time of the Second World War, I was a little nervous to visit the city actually. Luckily, I had an amazing tour with Sean Stewart who I tasked with changing my mind about Germany and help me realize that this city is more than just the Second World War information I always see on the History Channel. The German people have had a tumultuous past but they are also survivors, passionate about their lives, art and making Berlin a better place.
Travel blogger at Culturetrekking
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