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Are short tours the way to go?

You arrive in a new city and really don't have a lot of time available. You want to be sure of hitting the essentials and learning the tricks you need to navigate the city, but don't want to tie up the bulk of the day with a large half day big walking tour of the city.

Here at Berlin Historical Walks, we offer a two hour walk Highlights of Berlin which covers some of the big blockbuster sites as well as a few of the lesser known (but equally interesting) ones. By the end of the two hours, you'll have had an eye-opening look at Berlin's past and present through the lens of 5 of its most important squares, while still leaving you with plenty of time and energy afterwards to do your own thing.

Here are the top 5 benefits of a short 2 hour tour.

1) You won't be standing outside for hours, which is something to consider in the winter or inclement weather. Catching a cold after being outside on your feet for 4 or 5 hours would be a bummer.

2) You'll get all the core stories of the main tour, but with a smaller investment in time

3) If you're nervous about your ability to walk for four or more hours, the shorter tour will put your mind (and legs!) at ease.

4) A short tour strikes a nice balance between having a solid introduction to the city while leaving you with plenty of time and energy to visit museums, hit the shops or even just relax in a café

5) A shorter tour can spark your interest and leave you hungry to discover more of the city on your own, rather than leaving your tired and exhausted.

So you can see that sometimes less really is more!
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