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About us

We are passionate historians and storytellers who love nothing more than bringing Berlin to life.
You know those "aha" moments, when a person's face lights up with delighted understanding?
Yeah, we live for that sort of moment.
Our team
Founder & Lead Tour-Guide
There's nothing quite as thrilling as a good story, is there? I've been travelling for 25 years and let me tell you, Berlin has some of the most exciting stories to be found anywhere on earth and I would love to share them with you. I'm a historian and author, and have two higher degrees in the history, so this is something I'm passionate about. I help you discover the city's stories and learn to read the cityscape, rather than just go through endless names and dates. So, if you're looking for great insights, fascinating tales, delivered with a dash of humour, you've come to the right place!
Customer Service Manager & Tour-Guide
I was born and raised in the former Soviet Union, which gives my tours a real, lived, first-hand insight into the nature of Communist rule and what it was like to live under it. I have worked as a guide in a Gulag camp site in Russia, along with Sean, and love showing people around Berlin, the city where so much action in the turbulent 20th century took place.

We are a small, boutique
Berlin walking tours company.
What does that mean for you?

We run tours in small groups. And we LIKE it that way.
Here's why our attitude towards tours benefits you.
The problem with big tours
A problem we see every day is that far too many visitors are herded together into large, sometimes unmanageably large groups, and then herded around from one stop to another. In summer, groups can often reach 50 or more people. The guide has no choice but to pitch the tour to the so-called "average customer", leaving many people unsatisfied because their individual needs were sacrificed to keep the group moving.

Another consequence of large groups is that the presentation often turns into more of an entertainment show, rather than an interesting and insightful tour of old Berlin. The guide has to keep a large number of people amused. This tends to mean that (stale) jokes take the place of interesting stories. Mere facts, the "spiel," take the place of history and culture. Time is spent on "shout out where you're from" games rather than diving into the story of the most interesting city in Europe.
Our solution
We have a better way. Our lead tour guide holds a double MA in history and in historical interpretation. We love Berlin and love telling stories about it and we believe your trip is worth our personal, individual attention. For that reason, we limit our group sizes to 10-15 people. Yes, our tours cost a few more euros that the mass market tours, but we believe you and your trip are worth it.
Here is why the small group works better:
Getting your questions answered and your interests catered to. If you want to see something off the beaten track or have special interests, it's much easier to accommodate you in a small group.
Having a memorable experience in Berlin, where we help you to discover the real story, the WHY and not just the WHAT. You can delve deeper into the story and gain real insights this way.
Having real chats with us as we walk between sites, where we can answer your questions on modern life in Berlin, German politics and social life or whatever you are interested in. This is nearly impossible on huge, mass market tours.
Stories are told at a human volume, not shouted out to the guy standing 20 feet away at the back of the crowd.
So come join us on one of our small, cosy, fun and fascinating tours
of Europe's gem, Berlin. The tales this city has to tell are timeless,
and we believe you deserve to discover them in the best possible way.

Why settle for anything less than the most memorable tours
of this most memorable city?

We look forward to seeing you!
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